In light of the current COVID-19

Smartlystaffing 2020-03-16

In light of the current COVID-19 it is imperative that you follow the below advice: If you are suffering from a new persistent cough and or have a temperature you must: 1.Call the office to notify us and self isolate for 7 days. If your symptoms worsen, you must call 111 and seek further advice 2.You must not go to work for Smartly Staffing if you are suffering these symptoms or have been in contact with any suspected COVID-19 cases. 3.Do not accept any bookings from clients directly or from the consultant without informing them of these symptoms. 4.SmartlyStaffing consultants will check with you before each booking on your health before confirming the shift. If you plan on travelling abroad, you must notify us immediately and if necessary self isolate for 2 weeks after returning. Please ensure that you wash your hands when you arrive on shift (see below NHS hand washing guidance) If you have any concerns or queries please contact the office.