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"Smartly Staffing" is an online marketplace where self-employed nurses,Healthcare assistants can find high-paying shifts across the UK, removing the hassle of booking through agencies and remove the middle person.

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Too Good To Believe?

If you're coming from the public sector, shifts on Smartly Staffing will generally pay you more than you are used to.

We achieve this by connecting you directly to the client and we don’t take any commission on your pay. Smartly Staffing is free to use,

so you can always sign up and work a shift to see if Smartly Staffing fits your lifestyle.

Why Choose Us?

Be your own boss! By connecting you directly to the client, you’re able to regain control over your work life. Simply register and log in then browse for shifts that suit you, in your own time. Since you get paid directly by the client you’ll end up earning much more on average through Smartly Staffing than with an agency. It is a win win situation.

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Yes. As you will be self-employed you will need to have your own indemnity insurance. If you are a Nurse or a HCA working outside the NHS, having the correct Professional Indemnity Insurance is a legal requirement to keep up your registration.Indemnity insurance will help to cover you for any professional negligence claims or allegations of any malpractice.


Nurses or HCA that search and book shifts through Smartly Staffing are self-employed; this means that we will not supply you with a uniform. You should wear your own appropriate uniform. Where possible this should be a plain tunic with blue or black trousers. Never Wear Jeans.

When you register with Smartly Staffing and become fully compliant, we will send you an ID badge which you should bring with you to every shift and this is mandatory.


It could be frustrating when you don’t get approved for the shifts that you have applied for; but there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re more likely to book more shifts.

Upload A Profile Photo - Employers prefer seeing a photo of you as it makes your profile more familiar Make sure you Save Settings at the bottom otherwise your photo will not save.

Update your Bio and ensure all the skills and experience are up to date. 

Upload Training Certificates - Show of all your skills to show the employer you’re the right nurse or HCA for the shift.


As you know, all nurses and HCA that book shifts through Smartly Staffing are self-employed. In practice what this means is that they are paid directly by the employer (the care home). This is different from traditional agencies where the nurse is paid by the agency who acts as their employer.

Smartly Staffing has introduced a new payment feature which means that when a timesheet is submitted and approved it will generate an invoice. Please note that invoices will be sent to the employer on Monday 12 noon.

See also blog post on how payment works through Smartly Staffing?


The Smartly Staffing office is open Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Where possible it is always best to contact us via the live-chat app on the website: This is especially important in an emergency when you are trying to reach us out of hours.

Everyone in the Smartly Staffing team has access to messages that come via the chat app which means we will always respond to emergencies  24/7,flexible worker free no. 08000314347.

To access the live chat app, visit:


Your data is stored securely in accordance with strict guidelines. We never send any of your information to the client without your express permission.

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